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Den 1. juli

Published: July 3, 2019

Den 1. juli

Monday was our third opening day! New villagers arrived starting at 14:00. Also, Hannes arrived for a few days. Hannes is a Dane working at Waldsee (The German Language Village) for the summer. 

The morning started normally for the videregående, with wake up, raising the flag, eating breakfast, and hytterengøring (cabin cleaning). Then, they headed to their morning lessons with Jacob. After lunch, Skovsøen got ready for the new villagers!

Villagers arrived, moved into their cabins, made their navneskilter (name tags), and played badminton. Then, the whole camp played games to get to know each other, learned the dance for International Day (on Friday!), and headed to dinner.

Villagers and their parents, including Erik, our baker!

After dinner, we took the flag down and headed to our cabins for a night of hytte hygge (cabin coziness)! In cabins, villagers talked and played board games before heading to bed. 

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