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Cykelturen - The Bike Trip

Published: July 14, 2018

The cykeltur (bike trip) is a biking and camping trip for those thirteen and up. The villagers bike to Lake Bemidji State Park and camp there, biking back the next day. All who’ve been say that the trip is exhausting but completely worth it.

This year’s cykeltur left in the morning on Wednesday during storegruppe (big group)with cheers of “Vi er de cyklende dansker” (we are the biking Danes). They biked through Concordia Language Villages to a sandy, pitted forest path. Along the way, they saw a patch of wild raspberries, which they of course stopped to eat.

A bit before lunch, they finally got out of the forest and were able to bike on paved paths, which was much easier. They stopped to eat their madpakker (packed lunches) by an old ruined house with trees growing through it. All that was left was the foundation and the stone fire place. They also saw a swan with cygnets! They then completed the last leg of the journey to the campsite.

Their tents were already there, delivered by Fie, so all they had to do was set them up. Many chose to bike into Bemidji and buy something cold to drink, then bike back. Dinner was Mariusmad (a stew made over the fire named after a long time staff member, Marius) and pølser (hot dogs). They then headed down to the beach, which was beautiful. Many villagers stated that the beach was their favorite part of the trip.

That night, a large storm came, which meant that they had to spend some time in the visitor center. The time in the visitor center was passed with books, card games, and good company. The villagers then headed back to tents to sleep.

In the morning, they ate æbleskiver (pancakes made over the fire) and bread with Nutella for breakfast before biking back to camp. They arrived just after lunch, hungry and exhausted but happy.