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Credit Letter

Published: June 23, 2011

Greetings from Skovsøen! We’re all off to a great start at Skovsøen 2011!  The videregående/credit villagers moved into their hytter/cabins and, by the way they get along, it seems as if they never left!  All are returning villagers, although most are new to the credit program.  Naajanguaq, our credit teacher this first week, has them working on grammar, as well as talking up a storm.  And there’s no lack of dancing, badminton, biking, saunas, and even a Danish language version of the game Family Feud. The videregående are writing in their dagbøger/journals every day, so skriftligdansk/written Danish is coming along as well. Next week, our second credit teacher will arrive from Denmark.

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Med venlighilsen, Liz “Lis” Klages
Dean, Skovsøen