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Afslutningsdag - Closing Day

Published: July 19, 2018

Closing Day

Saturday was the final closing day of Skovsøen. Some of our villagers woke up before anyone else and took the early bus to Minneapolis and beyond. Many woke up to say goodbye to them. Skovsøen then went to breakfast before heading to cabins to pack. At around 9:30, the campers got their contraband back and family and friends began to arrive. Skovsøen raised the flag and went to the afslutningsprogram (closing program). Villagers received certificates, pins with the number of years they had been a villager, and a hug or a handshake from their counselors. Then, all together, we sang a few songs, ending with Skovsøens song.

After the afslutningsprogram, families dispersed, some getting coffee, some going to the store, and some going to pack the car. The families and their villagers then got in their cars and drove away from Skovsøen to their next adventure. We had a wonderful summer with these villagers and we hope to see all of them next year!

A videregående receiving her certificate and pin