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Credit Day 4

Published: June 22, 2017

Day four included learning about Denmark and its history!

Credit Day 3

Published: June 21, 2017

Our third day of having credit villagers featured some class, some swimming, and plenty of music!

Credit Day 2

Published: June 20, 2017

​The credit villagers’ first full day was filled with learning and laughter! Highlights from the day include the first Danish undervisning (lesson) and an evening around the fire with snobrød (twist bread).

Credit Day 1

Published: June 19, 2017

Today our five credit villagers arrived!

Åbningsdag: Arrival Day!

Published: June 17, 2017

Whether you're coming in by bil (car), by bus, or by fly (plane), our counselors greet everyone at the grænse (border). Here, villagers go through paskontrol, and get their CLV passports stamped. They also say goodbye to reminders of U.S. culture, including English books, American food, and technology like phones and iPads. This lets them fully engage with Danish culture during their time at...

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