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Takk for i sommer!

Published: July 21, 2018

As you very well may know, we just put the finishing touches on our courageous summer! We concluded a fantastic session with an utendørsbankett (outdoor banquet), followed by diplomutlevering (awarding of diplomas) for all of our strenggrupper (language groups), folkehøgskole (4-week non-credit villagers), videregående (4-week credit villagers), and a special diploma and a few kind (and very true) words about Olava, a 10-year villager this summer! We also enjoyed some cake, watched folkehøgskole's film project, sang a new verse (written by a villager) to our old song, Å så heldig jeg er, and danced Månemannen one more time. 

Takk for en utrolig fin sommer!

Bankett 7.21.18