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Nyheter fra videregående skole

Published: June 28, 2019

av Bastian

Today in our humanities class we learned about the Rom(a) people, one of Norway's five national minorities. We began class by reading academic articles in groups of mixed levels, this process was interrupted several times, making the task even harder! The students had to adapt and "learn on the go" which resulted in separating the various groups which subsequently developed their own strategies for adapting to the situation. This whole process was meant to represent the recent history of the Rom(a) who have been divided by changes in borders and immigration policies across Europe and America in the last couple of centuries. At the end, we gathered as a large group and discussed we had learned from the articles. We also discussed the potential problems with the academic articles we had read as they were exclusively composed of people outside of the culture they took as their subject. The students were wonderfully engaged and asked very nuanced questions!

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