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Kon Tiki ekspedisjonen

Published: July 16, 2017

The Kon Tiki ekspedisjon (expedition) was a 1947 anthropological expedition led by Norwegian anthropologist Thor Heyerdal (from Larvik, Norway). He and a small crew floated on a balsawood raft from Peru to Polynesia in order to show that his theory that Polynesia was settled from the East rather than the West was possible. In order to do this, the expedition used a raft built using techniques and materials that were available to Peruvians in the pre-Columbian era.

Our dagensprogram (day program) today centered around this expedition. The first part of the program allowed villagers to prepare for the voyage and choose whether they wanted to be part of the expedition crew, the raft construction team, the media, the Peruvian government, or the Polynesians waiting for the expedition to arrive. After completing construction, we launched the rafts from our badestrand (beachfront), and the expedition crew either rode on top or swam along to keep the rafts steady, and were greeted by the Polynesians at a neighboring badestrand. Once everyone was safely back at our beach, we opened up the swimming area and villagers swam, played volleyball, and enjoyed the beautiful day!


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