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High school credit

Published: June 19, 2018

The high school credit program is starting in just over a week and I am so excited to welcome all the amazing videregående! This year we will be focusing on skikk og bruk (etiquette), so be ready to learn about meeting Norwegians in town, out in the skog, and at a fest. I have a couple slips (ties) with me, but if you have any extra at home that you would be willing to bring, that would be great. Da blir vi klar til fest! (Then we will be ready to party!)

Jeg ser frem til deres ankomst!
I look forward to your arrival!
Beste hilsen

Har Skogfjorden talent?

Published: June 18, 2018

Today, we had a talent show for the two-week villagers before new one-week villagers arrived! Some acts included singing, stand-up comedy, dancing, rapping, skits, and even a spisekonkurranse med sylteagurk (pickle eating contest). (Click the link for more pictures!)


Published: June 18, 2018

Last night, we ventured out to watch the sunset over Bukkesjøen (Buck Lake). One of our themes this summer is Den norske turistforening (The Norwegian Trekking Association, Norway’s largest outdoor activity organization) in honor of its 150th anniversary. We contemplated what it means to enjoy, be involved with, and be in nature, while enjoying a quiet evening together.

Kon Tiki

Published: June 17, 2018

The Kon-Tiki expedition was an anthropological journey undertaken by Thor Heyerdahl of Larvik, Norway in 1947. Today, we learned about his theory that ancient people traveled from the western coast of South America and colonized Polynesia. We did this by examining the currents and winds in the Stillehav (Pacific Ocean) and then building rafts (emulating the period appropriate balsawood rafts built by Heyerdahl). The villagers then tested their rafts by setting them adrift in our lake!

(Click the link for pictures!)

Bli med!

Published: June 16, 2018

Tonight, was the final night of our first one-week session! We celebrated the week with a bankett (banquet) and diplomutlevering (distribution of diplomas). We then sat around a bål (campfire) and listened to and participated in a traditional Norwegian eventyr (fairytale) called Prinsessen som ikke kunne le (The Princess that Couldn’t Laugh). Takk for en fin sesjon! Vi sees neste sommer! (Click the link for more pictures!)

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