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Redd Barna

Published: July 20, 2018

Save the Children or Redd Barna has the goal of assuring that every child survives, thrives and learns. To do that, all the rest of us have to do our part to help children, especially in the first five years, have access to good health, education and protection. At Skogfjorden, we provide good health care, a strong educational program and a safe place for every one of our villagers every day. It is our goal to prepare them to provide the same for others, in their own ways, long after they leave Skogfjorden, too. Though we are not Redd Barna, we share some basic beliefs about how the world should be—for children in particular. Thanks for sending your kids who get this. Who so get this.


Published: July 19, 2018

Gullfisken is an annual award for commercials in Norway. Our language groups have used the last two evenings to plan, direct, and record their own commercials for different parts of Skogfjorden and Norwegian culture. (Click the link to see the videos!)

What is Nordic?

Published: July 18, 2018

Today, we had a visit from our Nordic neighbors at Sjölunden (our Swedish village) and the Nordic Family Week (a program for families, where Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, and Finnish are taught!). We quickly discovered that while we are alike in some respects, we are different in others! In order to explore this, we played “Nordic Emoji Bingo.” We discussed with the credit villagers from Sjölunden and the families at the family week if the Emojis in each square were related to Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, or Finnish culture… or some mix of all four. We then sang a song with verses in all four languages! (Click the link for more information!)


Published: July 17, 2018

Each week in Kosetime (a choice activity time), different activities are offered! Some of the great options this week include Norge GeoGuessr (a game where players use Google Street View images to guess where they are based on their surroundings), architecture drawing, a bonus allsang led by videregående (high school credit villagers), music bingo, art based on folktales and hanging out at the beach. (Click the link for more photos!)


Published: July 16, 2018

Last night, we capped off a relaxing Sunday with some time for reflection at Bukkesjøen (Buck Lake). We enjoyed a beautiful sunset, not to mention poetry and music shared by villagers! The evening continued with writing and sharing notes about how others helped us feel courageous. We then returned to Gimle for some snacks before heading off to bed. (Click the link for more pictures!)

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