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Dag 11 på Skogfjorden


Published: June 22, 2017

Today, our kveldsprogram (evening program) was Velg ditt eget eventyr (Choose your own adventure)! There was a feud between a troll and human family and the deltakere (villagers) got to choose how the problem would be solved throughout the course of the night. Some chose krig (war) and played capture the flag, others chose to solve the problem on their own and the final group chose to work cooperatively and come to a peaceful solution. The first group to finish their task was the fredlig (peaceful) group, so the two families were able to settle their differences and become friends.

Dag 10 på Skogfjorden


Published: June 21, 2017

Today, we had a picnic and ate kveldsmat (dinner) outside! Our kveldsprogram (evening program) today, was a special concert together with Skovsøen (the Danish language village) and Salolampi (the Finnish language village). We had performances by current villagers and staff, as well as from an earlier staff member, finishing up a U.S. tour with her band! Villagers sat cozily inside with pillows, blankets, and sleeping bags and enjoyed the music as it rained outside. Sol, regn, latter, sang!

Dag 9 på Skogfjorden


Published: June 21, 2017

It was a classic day at Skogfjorden!  A warm sunny day is always the best way to kick off camp! Following a great matpresentering (meal presentation) from Blåstreng(1st year language group) of a skit of a train making multiple stops for food, our stomachs were grumbling and it was time for maten (the food).  Our frokost (breakfast) was a traditional norsk morning meal of smørbrød (open faced sandwiches).  Ask your villager what their favorite...

Dag 8 på Skogfjorden


Published: June 21, 2017

The weekend went by so quickly!  Tiden flyr (Time flies)! We adjusted our schedule slightly to have a village talent show called “Skogfjorden Har Talent” (Skogfjorden has talent)!   Villagers from every cabin showed off their various talents including, but not limited to:  Telling jokes, doing dances, singing songs, playing instruments, and magic tricks!  These Skogfjorden villagers definitely have some serious talent! On Monday we welcomed one...

Dag 7 på Skogfjorden


Published: June 20, 2017

Søndag (Sunday) is a an extra special day at Skogfjorden!  We start the day off right with a huge brunsj (brunch) buffet where villagers got to make their favorite renditions of smørbrød (open faced sandwhich) along with a healthy accompanyment of frukt (fruit) and, a kitchen specialty, kake (cake).  Mmmmmm deilig (delicious)!   Our dagensprogram (Day program) was a fun filled afternoon of re-writing some classic Norwegian...

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