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Fritid på Skogfjorden  

Skrevet av Rabarbrablad
2019 Videregående programmet

Published: July 20, 2019

​Det er mange fete ting man kan gjøre i løpet av fritid på Skogfjorden…

50 år, 50 minner

Published: July 20, 2019

Today was the last day of our summer, and we celebrated the amazing summer we’ve had (and the amazing 50 years we’ve had at Turtle River Lake) with an outdoor bankett (banquet).

Our oransjestreng villagers prepared and delivered speeches thanking everyone for their summer.

And finally, we honored our two 10-year villagers, Eilif and Elisabeth with speeches given by their ledere.

Minoritetsgrupper i Norge

Published: July 18, 2019

On Tuesday night, our evening program focused on the minoritetsgruppene (minority groups) in Norway. We learned about the history and current situation of the Kven people, the Forest Finns, Jewish Norwegians, romfolk, and Romani people. This program was unique because it was planned and lead by our credit villagers! They got the chance to share their newfound knowledge of one of the summer’s academic themes with the rest of the villagers in an evening program packed to the brim with important information and lessons!

Sporprosjektet til Sigbjørn

Published: July 17, 2019

Every credit villager ends their session by finishing a sporprosjekt (legacy project), where they do something that connects other people to Norway or the Skogfjorden experience. Here is an example of a prosjekt that Sigbjørn did. He carried his typewriter around the village and then interviewed people about their Skogfjorden experience—a great way to show how this site, celebrating its 50th summer as our village home, impacts young people in meaningful ways.

Sigbjørn’s project can be found here.


Published: July 16, 2019

Today in kosetime (choice activity time), villagers got to choose between a bunch of enriching activities like innebandy (floor hockey), astrologi, musikk, badestrandfest (beach party), and maling (painting). Kos dere!

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