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Torsdag den 8 augusti 2019: Disco and… Queen Silvia?

Published: August 10, 2019

Thursday is our last full day on site at Sjölunden! It's a bittersweet day—sad that the end of the session is so near, but celebratory of the memories we made together. The two-week villagers spent some time in the morning drawing and writing some of these memories. Here what Natalia drew. What kinds of activities do you imagine she experienced? Can you guess, for instance, what the flower is for?

If you guessed dalmålning, you are correct! Let's look at what she and other villagers were able to paint in their dalmålning activity in just a few days:

Natalia mentioned a few songs, but one she didn't mention is called Groupie! A "groupie" in this song is like a selfie, but with a big group of people, like Ellen's photo from the Oscars a few years ago. We like to get out our cameras when we sing this song (if you have been following the blog, you have probably already seen a few groupies like the one below!).

Queen Silvia of Sweden also came by to visit! Or at least a counselor-shaped imposter. It was Queen Silvia's namnsdag (name day) today, so we figured we'd all celebrate it with her!

We finished the day with the much beloved disco night! With disco lights, dance music, line dances choreographed both at Sjölunden and by other language villages, and an outside break area to sit down and drink water, the villagers had everything they needed to celebrate the end of the session!

- Vilgot

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2019 8 augusti torsdag WB 64, WB82