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Tisdag den 6 augusti 2019: Valborg

Published: August 8, 2019

Tuesday was another big day at Sjölunden, and in many ways the last vanlig dag (normal day) before we start ramping up to the end of the session (with the four-week villagers' studenten celebration,  the disco night, and International Day). Our villagers, as always, can choose to participate in a dalmålning activity to learn and live the classic Swedish painting tradition:

It's common to see both villagers and ledare (counselors) wearing a nametag with dalmålning on it! We also have a sailing activity:

And right before dinner, we dance!

And then we celebrated Valborg! What is Valborg? In English, we sometimes call it Walpurgis Night. The eve of the feast day for Saint Walpurgis, it is a holiday consisting of setting a bonfire to repel evil spirits and witches. 

You'd better watch out for fun ledare dressed up as evil spirits and witches! Enjoy this and the rest of the photos!

- Vilgot

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2019 6 augusti tisdag WB 64, WB82