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Söndag den 4 augusti 2019: sleeping in; visit to Waldsee; Stockholms blodbad

Published: August 5, 2019

We got to sleep a lot today! Breakfast was at 10:00 am and we had a big nap right before dinner, too. But even on a day of relaxation, we can do exciting things. At noon, we took a big walk to one of our neighbors: the German language village, Waldsee! We began our visit by doing one of our favorite activities at Concordia Language Villages: sing!

After exchanging a couple songs and dances, we did a game that simulated the Hanseatic League, an association of merchant cities along the Baltic Sea. Villagers were divided into groups (with both Waldsee and Sjölunden participants) that represented some of those cities. Their goal was to trade with others and become rich! To do so, they needed to create boats to traverse the "waters" of Waldsee. Then, they sent envoys to other cities, dodging pirates along the way. After the game concluded, we all headed to the beach to play more games and party! We also got ice cream, which was very welcome considering the heat!

Not only did we take photos of this exchange, but Waldsee did, too! You can look at their extensive photo collection through this link (pages 11 to 13 of their Flickr album).

Our visit to Waldsee took up most of the afternoon. After walking back to Sjölunden and resting, we ate a dinner characteristic of the early 1500's. Why? Because our evening program was all about the Stockholm Bloodbath! Villagers met the key players of the Stockholm Bloodbath, including escaping execution by Christian II, king of Denmark! We concluded the evening by coming together to talk about this piece of Swedish history (with some great comments from villagers about how history is written by the victors!).

- Vilgot

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2019 4 augusti söndag WB 64, WB82