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Lördag den 3 augusti 2019: midsommar!

Published: August 5, 2019

Saturday was a big chain of celebrations from morning to night—celebrating the one-week villagers who had completed their session at Sjölunden, celebrating our newest cabin (named Sigtuna), celebrating midsommar, and celebrating Sjölunden's 45th year! We invited many guests during the day. Our first batch of guests were friends and family of one-week villagers, who stayed for an end-of-session presentation before picking up their kids. They got a taste of our language groups, learned about some of the activities we do, met the counselors, and sang our songs. You can see us singing in the photo below! 

The two- and four-week villagers continued their day by preparing for midsommar. Building a majstång (maypole) requires a whole village to come together to pick branches and flowers and put them all together. Margareta, pictured below, helped with the flowers:

Then we all went in front of Sigtuna, our newest cabin, which was built just before this summer! A large group of guests came to watch the ceremonial opening of this cabin (of course, it has been open to the four-week studenter living there right now!). These guests include many former Sjölunden villagers, counselors, and parents. They got to watch the villagers of Sigtuna sing Vem kan segla förutan vind, a Swedish folk song much beloved here at Sjölunden. Here is a video of their performance:


After this ceremony, we all headed down to the majstång again to do our traditional midsommar celebration. A team of musicians (with several violins, an accordion, and even a nyckelharpa!) accompanied folk dances and songs. You can see Helena and Britta, counselors from previous summers, joining in the dancing. The villagers really enjoyed seeing them and other Sjölunden friends!

All that moving around makes you hungry! Fortunately, nobody was hungry for long—our kitchen staff prepared a generous smörgåsbord for our midsommar dinner! All our guests got to join in the meal, not only enjoying the food but the musical performances that we prepared for them.

Finally, after a long and busy day, our villagers headed to the brasa (campfire) to eat some s'mores and relax before bedtime. It's fortunate they get to sleep in on Sunday after all the festivities today!

The album below contains over two hundred photos as well as videos from today's events! Don't forget that you can view all the rest of our photos and videos (including quite a few already uploaded from Sunday) with the link here (also at the top of the page, if you ever forget where it is)!

- Vilgot

2019 3 augusti lördag WB 64, WB81, WB82