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Glad Våffeldagen!

Published: March 25, 2018

Glad våffeldagen! Happy waffle day!

Swedish waffles are traditionally formed of five hearts. Photo by Pietro de Grandi on Unsplash.

That’s right--Swedes have a holiday to celebrate waffles. (They also have one to celebrate cinnamon buns; scroll back to October.) Våffeldagen coincides with Annunciation Day, the day that the Angel Gabriel is said to have visited the Virgin Mary and announced to her that she would bear a son. Hence, Annunciation Day and, by extension, våffeldagen, are exactly nine months before Christmas.


Why do these two holidays coincide? Well, Annunciation Day in Swedish is vårfrudagen (Our Lady’s Day), which sounds a lot like våffeldagen. So, the Swedes decided to eat waffles on Annunciation Day. And why not?


So today, feel free to treat yourself to a waffle--Swedish style, with jam and cream rather than syrup.