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Fredag den 9 augusti 2019: International Day

Published: August 11, 2019

Today was International Day! This long-standing Concordia Language Villages event and tradition, held twice a summer, is a day when all the villages come together to share their languages, projects, art, music, food, and ideas! We got to experience not only Swedish today, but German (from International Day hosts Waldsee), Chinese, French, Russian, Arabic, and more! In the photo below, you can see us on the road:

We walked through a couple other villages on our way to Waldsee. When we reached Al-Waha, the Arabic language village, we joined up with them and with El Lago del Bosque to meet, greet, and eat! We also sang songs to each other! Here we are, below, upon arrival. We're getting our bags out to get ready to eat!

Once we arrived at Waldsee, the festivities began! If I described everything that happened, you'd be reading pages and pages here, so I'll just list some of the activities that you will also be able to look at in the photo album below: an Iron Chef Showdown (our villagers won a prize for best presentation of the food!), a Global Summit (a model UN-like activity in which villagers discuss important global issues—this year, the climate), a World Cup, food from each of the different villages, a TapeScape collaborative art piece, a fruit stand where villages could barter for food, a "total immersion dunk tank" where villagers could play a game to try to submerge a counselor in a pool of water (I was that lucky counselor this year!), a triathlon, line dances, games from each of the villages (we played kubb!), and probably more that I am forgetting. If you're friends or family of a villager, be sure to ask about what they did during International Day! It's a festival full of people and activities, so I'm sure there will be a lot of stories!

International Day ends with a performance from each village! This year, our performances were based on the word "inspire" from the Concordia Language Villages mission, to inspire courageous global citizens. Our inspiration this year was Greta Thunberg, a young Swedish activist who has mobilized young people to take action to combat climate change. Our performance echoed the words of Greta Thunberg and was set to a song by Laleh, Vårens första dag. Our dance represented both Greta's story and the frustration leading to action that we can all participate in. Villagers held protest banners and handed out flyers on how we each can help organize against climate change. You can watch our performance here.

After a long day at Waldsee, we headed home for a final dinner and a final evening. We cleaned our cabins and then went to the library to watch a slideshow of photos both from this summer and from previous summers, reminding us how much our villagers (and counselors!) have grown and how much the Sjölunden family spans the years. We had a tearful goodbye, sad to leave but fulfilled after a great summer. As we say at Sjölunden, vi ses (see you later)!

- Vilgot

Click through the album below or view all our photos with the link here (also at the top of the page)!

2019 9 augusti fredag WB 64, WB82