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Fredag den 2 augusti 2019: restaurang och bio!

Published: August 3, 2019

Friday was a big day: all of Sjölunden's usual activities, plus the last full day for our one-week villagers, plus a restaurant-style dinner, plus an evening out at the Sjölunden cinema! When you look at the photo album (linked at the bottom of the page), the first photos you will see are of dalmålning. This iconic style of Swedish painting is a classic Sjölunden intresse (the name for our week-long interest activities). Some of the other intressen are segling (sailing), sport, and Dunder och Drakar (Dungeons & Dragons).

The villagers got to eat at a restaurant-style dinner tonight! They called in to make reservations, dressed up fancy, visited the "bar," and got served by the waitstaff (our counselors)!

After the dinner, the villagers went to the "cinema" to watch a Swedish film. They chose between Rum 213 and Tsatsiki - Vänner för alltid.

- Vilgot

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2019 2 augusti fredag WB 64, WB81, WB82, ADC 08