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Tisdag den 6 augusti 2019: Valborg

Published: August 8, 2019

Tuesday was another big day at Sjölunden, and in many ways the last vanlig dag (normal day) before we start ramping up to the end of the session (with the four-week villagers’ studenten celebration, the disco night, and International Day). What are some of our daily activities? We describe a few in this blog post and you can find even more through the photo album linked within!

Måndag den 5 augusti 2019: Hela Sverige bakar!

Published: August 6, 2019

After a weekend of new and different activities, we have arrived at our first vanlig dag (normal day) of the last week of Sjölunden 2019. That doesn’t mean we didn’t do exciting things, though! Let’s look at some of the abnormal normal things we do on a normal day at Sjölunden. Click into this post to see!

Söndag den 4 augusti 2019: sleeping in; visit to Waldsee; Stockholms blodbad

Published: August 5, 2019

We got to sleep a lot today! Breakfast was at 10:00 am and we had a big nap right before dinner, too. But even on a day of relaxation, we can do exciting things. At noon, we took a big walk to one of our neighbors: the German language village, Waldsee! We also experienced the Stockholm Bloodbath as part of our evening program. Learn more about them by clicking into this post!

Lördag den 3 augusti 2019: midsommar!

Published: August 5, 2019

Saturday was a big chain of celebrations from morning to night—celebrating the one-week villagers who had completed their session at Sjölunden, celebrating our newest cabin (named Sigtuna), celebrating midsommar, and celebrating Sjölunden’s 45th year! Read about it all by clicking this post!

Fredag den 2 augusti 2019: restaurang och bio!

Published: August 3, 2019

Friday was a big day: all of Sjölunden’s usual activities, plus the last full day for our one-week villagers, plus a restaurant-style dinner, plus an evening out at the Sjölunden cinema! Click into this post to see more!

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