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Måndag den 13 augusti 2018 Opening Day #5!

Published: August 14, 2018

On Monday we had our fifth and final opening day of the summer! This week we welcomed a new group of one weekers as well as our second round of day campers for this summer!

Söndag den 12 augusti 2018 A New Adventure!

Published: August 13, 2018

Sunday was a pretty relaxed day at Sjölunden! To start it off, we all got to sleep in until 10 o’clock, which was really nice after a long week full of activities and most importantly, Swedish!

Lördag den 11 augusti 2018 Midsommar #2!

Published: August 12, 2018

Saturday was unfortunately the final day of the summer for our credit students :( They’ve spent the past four weeks working hard and making massive improvements on their knowledge of Sweden and the Swedish language.

Fredag den 10 augusti 2018 I-Dag!!

Published: August 12, 2018

Friday was arguably the biggest day of this summer at Sjölunden and Concordia Language Villages. Twice a summer, a massive festival called I-Day or International Day is held at the German village, Waldsee.

Torsdag den 9 augusti Disco!

Published: August 11, 2018

With I-Dag (International Day) on the horizon, Thursday was a pretty relaxed day at Sjölunden! Campers finished up their intresser during the afternoon and for a couple intresser finished up their final preparations for International Day.

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