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Torsdag den 1 augusti 2019: Klimat förändring

Published: August 2, 2019

We had some very special guests today: Vikarbyns Lilla Spelmanslag! A group of young fiddlers from Vikarbyn in Dalarna that includes two of our ledare (counselors), Sanna and Frida, they regaled us with their folk music. The villagers who had taken part in the folk dance aktivitet (activity) got to dance along with the music! You can watch a video by clicking into this post:

Onsdag den 31 juli 2019: Jul! (i juli, igen!)

Published: August 1, 2019

Emma and the green-faced Grinch

Today, we celebrated jul (Christmas)! Of course, jul is usually in December, but we like to take Swedish holidays and find ways to celebrate them during our summer programs (you might see some other holidays later this week and next!). What surprise did villagers get leading up to jul? Did the Grinch manage to take jul away from us all? Find out by clicking into this post!

Tisdag den 30 juli 2019: Nordisk mytologi!

Published: July 31, 2019

Today was our first full day of camp for our one- and two-week villagers! In the morning, they took a quick tour of the site to learn how different parts of Sjölunden function, such as the rules of the beach and how to take out money from the bank (in Swedish, of course!). Afterwards, they participated in a variety of aktiviteter (activities) such as doing Sjölunden line dances and writing letters to their new camp friends. They then continued in språkgrupper (language groups). See more of the day’s activities in this post! (Also, if you know a student or want to catch up on what the last session’s villagers did, we are now up-to-date on the posts from last Thursday to the weekend. Check out those posts below this one!)

Måndag den 29 juli 2019: Opening Day #3 and an IKEA-themed escape room!

Published: July 30, 2019

Today was our third opening for Sjölunden 2019! It was a big day: over fifty villagers arrived for one- and two-week sessions to join our four-week studenter. They chose a Swedish name, put their dollars in the bank (to be transformed into Swedish kronor!), and met their cabinmates. Click inside to read more about their opening day and that mysterious IKEA escape room!

Lördag den 27 juli 2019: end of session; studenter visit Spanish language village; calm Sunday

Published: July 27, 2019

On Saturday we said vi ses (see you!) to our one- and two-week villagers. Those who were able to stay for the closing program got to meet once more with their språkgrupper (language groups) and show their friends and family some Sjölunden songs before heading home. Later in the day, the four-week villagers, having reached the midpoint of their time at Sjölunden, celebrated by visiting the Spanish language village, El Lago del Bosque, for a party! Click this post to learn more!

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