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1, 2, & 4 make 森林湖

Published: July 23, 2019


大家好! Hello everyone, today has been a fun day with all the new one weekers getting all oriented at 森林湖. Teaching them songs and starting new activity classes kicks off our week with them.


After all of today’s standard activities, we have our 晚上节目(Wǎnshàng jiémù) night activity. The villagers had to try to get ice from one bowl to the other by using chopsticks, Chinese bowling, and 跳绳(Tiàoshéng) jump rope. Please enjoy some of the pictures of villagers trying out different types of Chinese games!


After our 晚上节目(Wǎnshàng jiémù) night activity, the students all went to the 篝火(Gōuhuǒ) camp fire to reflect on all of today’s activities and sing songs.


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