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Published: August 5, 2019

大家好! Hello everyone! It rained again this morning at 森林湖. This summer, it seems like it has rained a lot! No matter the rain, we all had fun with our last day of activity classes 活动课 (Huódòng kè). After the rain let up, we were outside for the rest of the day!

Tonight’s activity 晚上节目(Wǎnshàng jiémù) was so much fun! The villagers had to guess the meaning of different words based on the radical that was put in front of the character. For example, 木(Mù) means wood, but with another 木(Mù) in front of it, so 林 (Lín), the meaning changes to forest. The villagers had a great time learning how different radicals affect different words in Chinese.

After the night activity was over, all the villagers went down to the camp fire 篝火(Gōuhuǒ) and sang songs. We can tell the days are getting shorter because the stars are coming out sooner and sooner.


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