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早操 Morning Exercises

Published: June 23, 2011

On Wednesday, our evening program was the 秘密辅导员 mimifudaoyuan, or Secret Counselor, game! Several counselors disguised themselves in several layers of clothes, and the different cabins ran around asking the mystery counselors questions in Chinese and trying to guess who their identities. The team to identify all of the counselors first won. The cabins enjoy this chance to compete with one another and flex their Chinese interviewing skills.

Today’s evening program is the 夜市 yeshi, or Night Market. All day, the students sang songs and spoke lots of Chinese with the Sēn Lín Hú counselors. Each time they did an outstanding job, they earned fake money. This evening, they can earn more money and also use the fake currency to buy rewards – eat snacks, order songs at Karaoke, watch a movie, play games, get temporary Chinese tattoos, and so on. Sēn Lín Hú has had songs floating around all day, and the students are in an especially cheerful mood. This evening will be quite a lively night market!

Every morning, we do 早操 zaocao, or morning exercises, before breakfast. Zaocao takes two forms. On some days, we do the same daily exercises that students in China do. Other times, we practice Kungfu. Check out some pictures from this morning’s zaocao!