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Published: July 30, 2019

大家好! Hello everyone! Today was the first full day of the all the new villagers arriving at 森林湖! We are so excited about the villagers and the activities they are doing. After breakfast today, the villagers all went to their activity classes 活动课(Huódòng kè) and then their small group classes 小组课(Xiǎozǔ kè). Later in the day, the villagers got pictures with their cabin 木屋(Mùwū) groups.
After dinner, the villagers participated in the night activity 晚上节目(Wǎnshàng jiémù) where they all got to learn about different Chinese idioms 成语(Chéngyǔ) and their meanings. Like in English, Chinese also has idioms to envelop complicated meanings in short sayings. However, Chinese idioms 成语(Chéngyǔ) also usually have a story behind them that teaches a moral. The villagers had a fun time trying to guess the meanings!
Today has been a fun day with all of the villagers at 森林湖! From morning until evening, the days are full of fun, learning and adventure. Stay tuned for pictures of everyone’s meal time families 吃饭的家 (Chīfàn de jiā)!

You can see those pictures all on our Facebook page!