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再见朋友们-Goodbye One Weekers

Published: July 21, 2019

大家好! Hello everyone! Today, after saying goodbye to the one weekers, all the villagers attended a new 活动课 () activity class! The villagers often get to try new activities at 森林湖, and it is good for them to try a variety of different things while picking up different Chinese vocabulary.

Before lunch today, the students were able to sing and dance to some new and old songs. 海草 () is a fun song about a fish dancing with the seaweed and 小苹果() is a song that most of the villagers here already know the dance to. We love to have fun here with music at 森林湖!

The villagers were also able to participate in the 舞会() dance party tonight and or watch a movie. They get to hear a lot of fun and popular Chinese music!

Now, the villagers are all asleep and getting ready for a day of fun tomorrow! Don’t forget to check Facebook to see some fun pictures of the villagers at their soccer tournament and the night market!


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