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Activity Classes 活动课

Published: July 17, 2019

Hello everybody! Today, everyone started their 活动课(Huódòng kè) activity classes! After writing down their top few choices, the villagers were then placed into different activities. Villagers were able to try archery 射箭(Shèjiàn), martial arts 功夫(Gōngfū)and art 画画(Huà huà)! Even though it rained this morning, the they were able to have fun in their classes and meet their teachers for the rest of the week.




Through singing, dancing, and other activity classes, villagers are able to learn specific and everyday words that they can use at 森林湖. Activity classes help the villagers learn how to use sentences they learn in their small group classes, learn a new skill, overcome challenges in a group setting, and make new friends!





Villagers’ activity classes are only about an hour of their day! The rest of the day was the villagers challenging themselves by wearing a 中国通 (Zhōngguó tōng), going to classes, watching the 爱情的故事 (Àiqíng de gùshì) performance, and participating in the 晚上节目(Wǎnshàng jiémù).


Make sure to check in on Facebook or the blog post tomorrow to see more pictures and videos of the villagers!