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Hei Hei Salolampi!

Published: July 18, 2018

​We say goodbye for now but relish the memories!

Simulaatio & Other Fun Games

Published: July 12, 2018

​Who said learning has to be boring? Villagers learn language while having fun playing games!

Happy Independence Day!

Published: July 4, 2018

Independence Day was a blast celebrating for America and Finland!​

The Perfect Kesämökkipäivä!

Published: June 24, 2018

​Cabin Day was a great success with a visit from some special friends!

Hyvää Juhannusta!

Published: June 23, 2018

Celebrating Juhannus by learning Finnish!

A Juhannus Eve's Celebration!

Published: June 22, 2018

Juhannus Eve was today and the villagers kept busy in celebration!

Who Said Learning a New Language Can’t Be Fun?

Published: June 19, 2018

Villagers are having a blast learning Finnish while playing games and crafting!

Family Week Day 5

Published: June 15, 2018

Family Week is wrapping up but we are keeping busy!

Learning A New Language

Published: June 7, 2018

Salolampi Staff expand their worldview and learn to speak another language for a day!