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Sunshine, Sähly, and Mökki-ilta!

Published: June 19, 2019

Our first week of summer youth sessions continues!

See the pictures below to walk through our day with us. 

It was an absolutely perfect day for class outside today! Here, villagers are playing a matching game involving Finnish verb conjugations. Our tehot (credit villagers) worked on some assignments as a group!

For the first activity time of the day, villagers could either play a game of sähly (floor hockey), paint scenes from Kalevala, or go on a nature walk!

Our kylätoiminta (community activity) today was all about Finnish käsityöt (crafts). Counselors displayed photos of räsymatot (rag rugs) and villasukat (wool socks) and explained to villagers how they were made. They were then asked to create their own villasukat by drawing it out and then using colorful string to glue on top!

Drawing their villasukka (wool sock) outlines.    
Gluing on the thread. 
We decorated the ruokasali (dining hall) with the designs! 

The nice weather continued into the afternoon and our second pelit ja projektit (games and projects) sessions were outside!

Getting those adjectives down! 

After some focused learning time, villagers visited the kioski (kiosk), went swimming, and played several games of mafia down by the ranta (beach). 

The kioski line-up 
N-Y-T NYT! 1... 2... 3...  JUMP! 

The second round of activities consisted of making pirtanauhat (woven belts), going on a sauvakävely  (Nordic walk), playing frisbee golf, a game of Afrikan Tähti (African Star), and painting beautiful views from Finland. 

Choosing the colors. 
Shouting out the names of trees they learned on their sauvakävely. 
Missä Afrikan Tähti on? Where is the African Star? 
So much talent! 

To close out the day, our iltaohjelma (evening program) was mökki-ilta (cabin evening)! This is when every cabin group got to do an activity together. 

Kotka getting ready for an evening in the saunaLappi joined them a little bit later. 
The lovely view! 
Savo played a game of pesäpallo (Finnish baseball).  
Häme spent their mökki-ilta in the craft room making nimilaput (nametags), bracelets, and painting. 
Katja and Sinikka having a great time! 

We love to see Salolampi flourishing, and our villagers make that possible! Come back tomorrow for more youth summer session updates.

If you are interested in seeing more photos from this week, please visit our Flickr page.