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Simulaatio & Other Fun Games

Published: July 12, 2018

Another exciting day here at Salolampi! After breakfast and song time, villagers got moving with a game of kivi paperi sakset. After Suomikoulus, villagers had the choice of making a music video, working on crafts or playing board games. 











Once villagers had a good swim in the lake it was time for another activity time where they had the choices of lentopallo, polttopallowatching Euroviisi or crafting.







Tonight's iltaohjelma was a villager favorite - immigration simualtion. Villagers were divided into families and had to come to America to obtain the "American Dream." Villagers could earn money for food or housing through jobs like finding gems in the "mine", cleaning, farm work or being a lumberjack while avoiding famine and unemployment. This exercise was done to provide insight into what Finnish immigrants faced when they came to America between 1890-1910. 

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