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Published: July 20, 2009

Saturday was closing day for Session IB58 (see the closing day section).  The afternoon saw a regular schedule for credit and two-week villagers, followed by a dance in the evening on the "tanssilava."  On Sunday morning everyone slept later, had brunch, and then walked to the International Peace Site near Skogfjorden for a reflective moment.  Then it was down to the waterfront for a day at the "kesämökki" (summer cabin - a  very Finnish tradition), featuring sauna, swimming, games, "tikkuleipä" (stick bread - another Finnish tradition), sausage and watermelon.  The evening meal was an international restaurant, with advance reservations required.  Counseling staff served as wait staff and helped the food service staff to plate up the international offerings, including appetizers, fresh vegetables, a choice of spaghetti, vegetable stir-fry or African peanut chicken.  Dessert was baclava with ice cream.  Sunday evening the cabins formed bands to participate  in the "Euroviisu" (Eurovision) competition.