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Salolammen Olympialaiset!

Published: June 28, 2019

Our villagers kept themselves busy all day long! The best part is that they are all learning Finnish at the same time. 

This morning our tehos (credit villagers) hit the ground running! They are currently taking an ecology elective and they spent time doing independent projects on a topic of their own choice. One group was photographing bugs, another was making mosquito traps, and one was looking at some aquatic micro-organisms under a microscope! 

Showing the younger villagers what they are up to! 

For our activity time, we did some cross-stitching, played board games, and picked up litter around the site. 

Our enthusiastic cleaner-uppers! 

For our evening program, we hosted the Salolampi Olympics! They participated in timed sprints, paper airplane throwing, an obstacle course, cow calling, darts, and more!

Shouting for their cow. 

Only one more full day for our first two-week session and a one-week session! Visit our blog tomorrow to see what we did together at Salolampi

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