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One Last Opening Day!

Published: July 9, 2019

Skogfinner, new villagers, and a Nordic model simulation! 

Our day began with an exchange between Salolampi and Skogfjorden villagers. We learned about the Skogfinner groups, a minority population of Finns in the Hedmark and Värmland counties in Norway. They came to Norway in the 17th century due to political pushes and made a significant impact on the agriculture techniques in the colder climates of Norway. 

Reading a section from a book titled "Ei hyva tøtta" in the Skogfinner dialect. 

Afterwards, the villagers had time for activities! They could either modge podge marimekko napkins onto a wooden plaque to hang on a wall, do some origami, or play some sählyä (floorball)! 

Proud of her work! 

During our luontoaika (nature time) and isotauko (big break) our last one-weekers of the summer arrived! 

Getting that passi (passport) stamped. 
First-time campers choosing their Salolampi names! 
The ice cream window is the busiest place at Salolampi during isotauko

In the evening, we sang "Tiedätkö miksi". A classic Salolampi song! 

Our evening program was a Nordic model simulation. Villagers were separated into groups that acted as different European countries. In this context, villagers were given a political scale with left, center, and right sections. They had to visit several stations where they played a game of this or that and answered questions about where Finland stands on these topics in comparison to the United States. For example, when they were at a station about social security, they could choose to pay higher taxes now for really good social security benefits as a senior citizen or pay lower taxes so citizens could have higher retained incomes. Once they made these choices, x amount of points on happiness, gross development productivity, economic equality, treasury, and education were either lost or gained. Based on the number of these categorized points, they moved across the political scale in one way or another. While they were moving around the stations, they were also traveling through history. At one point, they experienced the recession of 1980 and had to go "find work" elsewhere. Afterwards, we debriefed all together to discuss our feelings and thought about this simulation. It was a fun yet meaningful experience for all the villagers! 

Laying out the options. 
Choosing what they believe to be best for their country. 
At a station about universal vs. private healthcare systems. This family just had a baby! 

We had a busy day here at Salolampi! Tervetuloa to our new villagers! We are so happy to have you. To follow us along during our last week of the summer, be sure to check out tomorrow's blog! 

More photos.