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New Villagers and The Game of Life (Finnish Edition)!

Published: June 25, 2019

For some, today was the beginning of the second week of camp. For others, it was their very first day as a Salolampi villager! Tervetuloa!

In the morning, we welcomed our new one week villagers! We are so happy that they are here with us at Salolampi. 

Getting their passi (passport) stamped and picking out their names! 

Our pelit ja projektit (games and projects) groups incorporated a little bit of fun into their grammar lessons. 

Getting some pronouns down by playing a game of monopoly. 
Verb type practice! 

In the afternoon, villagers treated themselves to sauna-ing and swimming! 

The rush to cool off after being in the sauna. 

For our iltaohjelma (evening program) we had a big Game of Life simulation. This game, of course, had a Finnish twist to it. You started out the game with a passport. At every "stage" or "incident" in life you got it stamped. To begin, villagers could choose to either go to lukio (high school) to further their studies or ammattikoulu to focus on a more explicit career path like electrician, hair-dresser, carpenter, etc. Once villagers "passed" their exams, they started to make money. At this time, some were "conscripted" into the "army" and had to prove their strength, some were touched by disease, and some made time for travel. Villagers had to be mindful of all of the (fake) money they were spending, but they also noticed that the government helped support them when they were students, a senior citizen, or in poor health. After the game, we came together to discuss the similarities and differences between a U.S. "Game of Life" and a Finnish one.

"Continuing their education" in lukio (high school). 
Looking at their travel options... 
Stopping by the hospital to get rid of the illness (a red dot) they were tagged with. 
Training in the army. This is mandatory for the male citizens of Finland. 
Indulging in hobbies. 
"Working" hard to earn money.

It was a lovely day at the paras paikka olla (best place to be)! Come back tomorrow to see more of this new week at Salolampi!

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