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New Memories Made!

Published: July 1, 2019

Friday was the last full day for the first two-weekers and second one-weekers of the summer. Even though we knew that our time with these villagers was closing out, we still had a jam-packed day full of fun!  

Our tehot (credit villagers) got into groups and worked on a worksheet that was a quiz on what they know about their teho teachers. 

Having a good time!

Villagers were sure to use whatever they had left in the pankki (bank) to buy themselves jäätelöä (ice cream), Salolampi gear, and other goodies!

The perfect kind of day for ice cream! 

As an afternoon activity, villagers could choose to paint rocks to put in our gardens, finish up other crafts they had previously worked on during their time at Salolampi, or play some jalkapallo (soccer)!

Making the perfect painted rock. 
A lovely token to leave behind! 
Finishing up some pirtanauhoja (woven belts) was a popular activity today. 

For our last dinner together, we ate in the tanssilava (dance hall)! We had fish sandwiches with potato salad. It was absolutely herkkullista (delicious)!

We had to go out with a bang for our iltaohjelma (evening program). The topic was Euroviisut (Eurovision) and villagers could choose from six different songs to make a music video to. Each group took turns in the ylävarasto (upper storage) to choose their costumes, and then were given approximately fifteen minutes to come up with choreography. Oh, AND the video had to be taken in one shot. The key to making a successful Euroviisut music video is to keep it simple and have fun! 

The Lapponia group.
A sneak-peek of their masterpiece. 

The music videos will be up on our YouTube channel soon!

We could not have asked for a more perfect day to wrap up our time with these wonderful villagers. We have had such a blast with each and every one of these Salolampilaiset (people of Salolampi)! It is so bittersweet to know that their time with us has ended for the summer, but we can't wait to see them again next year!

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