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New Faces and Keys in Hidden Places!

Published: July 2, 2019

A big, warm welcome to our newest villagers! We are so glad you are here at the paras paikka olla (best place to be)!

Before the arrival of our villagers, Salolampi staff and our tehos (credit villagers) worked together to make over one hundred korvapuusteja. It is always good to have a surplus of korvapuusti on hand here at Salolampi

Caption here...

In the afternoon, our new villagers began to arrive! 

It is always nice to see a smile like that at check-in! 
Getting their jäätelö (ice cream) to help curb the heat. 
From dollars to euros! 

Once parents left and villagers completed their check-in checklist, we hopped right into an activity! Villagers had the option of making nimilaput (name tags), playing jalkapalloa (soccer), or playing a card game. 

After orientation, it was time for our very first iltaohjelma (evening program). Villagers participated in an "un-escape" room simulation. They were assigned with the task of finding the keys to their cabins through games and other obstacles. In each game, if they were successful, they would receive a word as a clue to finding their key. 

If you were able to throw the paper into the bin, you could open the paper to reveal a letter. 
Each cabin was assigned to a color. With this game, the other side of the puzzle pieces revealed a letter. However, if it didn't match with the assigned color, it was not of value. 
The letter was hidden in the mirror... Some things are best kept as secrets! 
Undoing a complicated knot to get into the box. 
In the boxes were sheets of paper with letters on them. 
One villager was blindfolded and the rest of the cabin members were tasked with verbally directing them (in Finnish) to follow the rope. At the end of the rope was a bucket with the clue inside. 

It was a successful opening day at Salolampi! We can't wait to see where the rest of this week takes us! Be sure to follow along on our blog and social media platforms!

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