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Let's Go Down to the Tori!

Published: June 20, 2019

We are having a great time over here at Salolampi

Follow us along through our day!

In the morning, villagers participated in the first activity session of the day. We made kynttilöitä (candles), played lentopallo (volleyball), and had a game of alias going. 

Showing off their candles! 
The wax dipping rotation around the table. 
Lentopallo! Volleyball! 

For the first pelit ja projektit (games and projects) session of the day, villagers had some interactive learning time. One of our groups played a game of sähly (floor hockey), where they learned and used different game terminology. Another group went over how to tell the time in Finnish and then played a game of bingo to test their memory!

They made a great team! 
Mitä kello on? What time is it?   

Isotauko (big break) time! This is a time in the day where many villagers utilize what they have learned in their pelit ja projektit groups and apply it to things like buying things in the kioski (kiosk), passing the ball, and asking for more löylyä  (steam) in the sauna!

Post kioski purchase smiles! 
A little game of futsal on the tanssilava (dance hall). 
A busy day down at the beach! 
"Ranta on auki!" The beach is open! 
Hyppää! Jump! 

For our second activity time of the day, villagers painted käpyja (pinecones), practiced some Finnish choral songs, and continued to work on their pirtanauhat (woven belts). 

Our choir practicing some Finnish songs. 
Painting käpyjä
Working hard on his pirtanauha

The itlaohjelma (evening program) tonight was a big hit with our villagers! They were given fake euros to go and buy jäätelö (ice cream), korvapuusti, a face-painting session, and more. This program is meant to imitate a seaside market in Finland where you could likely buy some of these things. In order to buy what they wanted, they were prompted by counselors to answer in Finnish. We had a lot of fun!

Korvapuusti! Yum :) 
Face painting! 
And sheer joy! 

The latter half of the iltaohjelma was our peruna (potato) skit portion. All of the pelit ja projektit groups created a scenario about a potato and acted it out. 

Waking up in the morning, awaiting the fate of the peruna
In the end, the peruna was eaten by Salolampi villagers. 
Peruna goes to Salolampi
Enjoying his jäätelö from the kioski
The robbers showed up to the potato's bank.    
The peruna goes to the doctor.  
The doctors were a little demanding... 
Setting up the scene for peruna's birthday. It was nice and sunny at Salolampi
Talking about what to do for peruna's birthday! 
Paljon onnea vaan! Paljon onnea vaan! 
Having a good laugh at the birthday party! 
The "TSA" line. 
They were some tough security guards! Eventually, they confiscated the bag of potatoes. 

It was so great to see everyone get on board with putting together and performing their skits! Definitely a big highlight of our day. Make sure to visit the blog tomorrow for more updates from our youth summer sessions!

If you would like to see more photos from this week, check out our Flickr page.