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Learning A New Language

Published: June 7, 2018

Summer Staff Orientation continues as the villages learn more about each other!

The Salolampi Staff were paired with Ojibwe Staff to teach each other some language basics and demonstrate language through games. The first demonstration Salolampi Staff taught to the Ojibwe staff was "bumping into" one another and reciting the following, 

"Anteeksi! Kuka sinä olet? Minä olen __ . Hauska tutustua!"

The second demonstration involved playing the game, Kapteeni Käskee, with the actions of:

Kävellä, Hyppiä, Istua, Seisoa and Juosta

Kapteeni Käskee instructing!


The final 3







For the third demonstration, everyone went outside to playVäripeli, where you could move forward if you had the colors vihreä, oranssi, pinkki, musta, violetti or sininen on your clothes.  (Check out the video on our Facebook page!)

The Ojibwe Staff taught Salolampi Staff words like gwayakochige (right), namanjinik (left), nagaashkaa (stop) and ishpaa (high/above). Salolampi Staff then had to lead each other towards hidden objects using these words.

Ojibwe Staff deomonstrating gwayakochige







Both groups had fun learning a different language and exploring a different culture!