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Kuka Hän On? 

Published: July 5, 2019

Another day together at Salolampi! 

Villagers took on the outdoors and games to learn about letter pronunciation as well as spelling out words! 

If you look closely, you can see they are looking right at the camera. They were spelling out the name of the photographer! 
A nice game of aakkos-bingo (alphabet bingo). 

For our activity time, villagers had the option to paint rocks, finish up their pillowcases, or play a game of alias. 

When they are done, we decorate Salolampi with the beautiful rocks! 
The prints on the pillowcases are Marimekko designs. 

Our evening program was broken into three parts. The first part was preparation for Concordia Language Village's  International Day at Waldsee, the German language immersion camp. To follow we had a Finnish trivia game where groups went around Salolampi to answer questions about Finland. Once villagers completed this section of the iltaohjelma, they participated in a counselor guessing game! Which counselor plays soccer? Who drinks approximately 5 cups of coffee a day? 

Practicing performing a song in order to exchange a ticket for a treat! 
Getting the I-Day dance down. 
Discussions about mämmi, a Finnish delicacy. 
Both the counselors and campers had a great time! 

To close out our evening, our wonderful tehot (credit villagers) put on a show for us! Each one was tasked with impersonating a Salolampi ohjaaja (counselor). Everyone had a good laugh!

"Missa minun vesipullo on?" "Where is my water bottle?"
Thank you, tehot

We are all excited and ready for International Day 2019! This year's theme is "Inspire", and nothing inspires us more than our villagers. To see what went on during I-Day 2019, be sure to check out tomorrow's blog!

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