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A Sunny Kesämökkipäivä!

Published: June 23, 2019

A Sunny Kesämökkipäivä!

Every year, we Salolampi opens its doors to the public for our summer cabin day! Alumni, friends, and family members joined us for a day of swimming, sauna-ing, making tikkupulla (stick pulla), makkara (sausage), and a typical Finnish dinner; makaroonilaatikko (macaroni casserole)!

We kicked off our summer with lunch outside on the deck! 

For most of the afternoon, we spent our time down by the lake. We could not have asked for a more perfect day! It was hot, sunny, and we didn't need much convincing to jump into the lake. 

Using some free time to craft outdoors. 
Making tikkupulla together around the nuotio
It was bustling down by the beach. 

After an afternoon of fun, we had more fun! Villagers played kymmenen tikkua laudalla (ten sticks on the board) and a game of soccer. 

Launching the sticks into the air! 

For our iltaohjelma (evening program), villagers participated in our Talvisota (Winter War) simulation. Essentially, this is a very big game of capture the flag. One team was the USSR, the other played the role of Finland. Each team had to hide a flag somewhere on their side of the border. There were also checkpoints on each side that could be taken by whoever dared cross the border to get it. Once it was taken, negotiations were made regarding adding/diminishing resources, releasing their prisoners, and moving the border. For this game, no one was able to find the other team's flag. At the end of the simulation, we debriefed and discussed the reality of the Talvisota

The rules of the game. 
Tension at the border...
Negotiations taking place. 
Finland took on prisoners. 
A checkpoint was stolen! 

Kesämökkipäivä 2019 was a success! Having time to just enjoy the outdoors, company, and the sauna was exactly what we needed to close out our Juhannus weekend. Check out tomorrow's blog to see what else we have been up to!

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