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Kalevala, Kantele, & Kaverit!

Published: July 12, 2019

Villagers take on another day of learning Finnish and Finnish culture! 

In the morning, our ohjaajat (counselors) put on a very entertaining show about Kalevala. Then villagers were asked to use watercolors to paint out some of the scenes!

Just a little tiff between Väinämöinen and Joukahainen... 
Some serious talent! 

During kultturihetki (culture moment) villagers learned about the history of Finland's national instrument; the Kantele. They were then given some time to learn how to play it and were able to perform a song together as a group! 

In the afternoon, villagers took to their pelit ja projektit groups to learn some more Finnish! 

Practicing their colors! If you were the last one standing, you got to call out a color in Finnish and if you happened to be wearing that color you had to switch seats. 
Taking orders from a "restaurant" in Finnish. 
Working on telling the time! 

For our iltaohjelma (evening program) we had mökki-ilta (cabin evening)! Each cabin got to choose an activity that they wanted to do all together. It was a nice way to bond and take a pause from the usual momentum during the day. 

Twister with friends! 
Sauna-ing and swimming is one of the best ways to end a day. 
Especially with friends! 
The beautiful sunset down at the ranta (beach). 

Our last week of the summer is passing by so quickly. Days like this remind us why we love our villagers and Salolampi so much! 

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