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Joulu came to Salolampi! 

Published: June 26, 2019

It was the first full day for our new one week villagers and they have adjusted so well! 

Today's theme was Joulu (Christmas)! Yes, Juhannus was only a few days ago, but we want to make sure that our villagers experience several different Finnish holidays/traditions while they are here at Salolampi. We mainly focused on Joulu in the evening, so earlier in the day we had time for other activities like nimilappu making for our new villagers, ristipisto (cross-stitch), and more. 

Porkkanalaatikko (carrot casserole), kinkkua (ham), perunalaattikko (potato casserole), and karpalomehu (cranberry juice) for dinner! 

So yummy! 
Gathered together in the ruokasali

For the iltaohjelma (evening program), it was time to make decorations to put up on our tree! 

Once they finished making their ornaments, they could decorate the Salolampi Christmas "tree". 

The first decoration to go up. 
Joulupuu on rakennettu! 

Villagers were asked to wrap up a gift they were given in as much paper and tape as they possibly could. When they were done, they switched the package with the group next to them. They got to keep the package, but could only unwrap it when music was playing. So they unwrapped it as fast as they could!

Wrapping up their Christmas gifts!  
Unwrap it as fast as you can! 
So close...

To close out the evening, a very special guest came to visit us. Joulupukki!

Joulupukki, Joulupukki, valkoparta, vanha ukki... 
Sekametelisoppa (fruit stew) and riisipuuroa (rice pudding) for our Christmas iltapala

Even though Christmas is six months away, we were all able to get into the spirit of Joulu! Check out tomorrow's blog for more Salolampi updates!

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