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Helsingin Sanomat and Matka Amerikkaan!

Published: July 10, 2019

Exciting things happening here at Salolampi! 

On Tuesday, July 9th, Helsingin Sanomat came to Salolampi to capture the magic of this place on their pages! They followed villagers throughout their day taking notes, getting videos, and snapping photos. They were wonderful company to have here and we are so thrilled about this exciting opportunity! 

Journalist Anna-Sofia Berner and Photo Journalist Uwa Iduozee receiving their very own, hand-painted nimilaput! 
Enjoying a meal alongside villagers. 
Capturing lauluaika at the tanssilava.  
Asking villagers about how they feel about learning Finnish! 

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Villagers got the ball rolling on the day with their pelit and projektit groups. 

Learning the days of the week, dates, and names of the months. 
Interactive games in Finnish! 
Making vihta! 
Practicing their numbers in a relay race. 
Ohjaajat (counselors) saying the letters out loud and having villagers write down the letter they hear! 

Our evening program was a big favorite amongst our villagers! Matka Amerikkaan (Journey to America) is a simulation about the Finnish immigrants who moved to the United States in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Groups were assigned to families of two, a few, or all the way up to seven. Some of the reasons why these Finns left Finland were for work, greater opportunity, to be with family that had previously moved there, or to escape famine. The purpose of this simulation was to give our villagers an idea of what it might have been like for these immigrants when they made their way into America. 

Buying their tickets onto the boat across the Atlantic Ocean. 
Third class passengers stayed in the sauna. Yes, it was on. 
First class passengers sat comfortably outside of the sauna. 
Once the ship arrived in the states, they went through security. Passports were checked and were given American names. 
They were also inspected by a doctor who deemed them to be healthy or not healthy enough to move forward. If they were ill or had some kind of condition, they were asked to stay behind until they heal. This held families back in the simulation. 
When Finns came to the U.S., they went through some pretty heavy assimilation. In our simulation, we used learning the pledge of allegiance to represent this. 
In order to make a life for themselves, they had to find work to make money. Some found work in housekeeping. 
If you lost your passport, were found to be working in the incorrect location, or were pushing back against authorities, the police took you to jail! 
Other Finns found work in farming...
And lumber. 
A passport check to make sure they were who they said they were! 
Once you made enough money, you were able to purchase a home! 
After all of our simulations, it is important that we include time to debrief and review what villagers just experienced. This gives villagers a chance to get a better idea of the reality for these Finns that actually went through a real journey to America. 

It was a day full of great fun, learning, and our new friends at Helsingin Sanomat were here to witness all of it! Come back for tomorrow's blog to see more of this week's happenings! 

More photos.