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Having Fun and Learning Finnish!

Published: June 18, 2019

The first full day of our youth summer sessions has come and gone! 

There is a buzzing atmosphere here and we love it! The villagers kept themselves busy all day today hopping from activity to activity, visiting the kioski (kiosk), and heading down to the ranta (beach) for luontoaika (nature time).

Jalkapalloa! (Soccer!)
Using a wood-burning tool to make some nimilaput
A game of charades!

For kultturitunti (culture hour) villagers learned some Finnish kansantansseja (folk dances).

In the evening, villagers participated in our iltaohjelma (evening program) where they were looking for the answer to the question "Mikä on Salolampi?"  (what is Salolampi?) which is, obviously, "paras paikka olla" (the best place to be). They found the answer to this question one letter at a time as they visited different locations throughout camp. In order to get a single letter, each group member had to ask a question to a counselor stationed at these locations. 

We had an excellent day at the best place to be! Come back tomorrow for more of the first week of our youth summer sessions!

If you would like to see more photos from this week, be sure to check out our Flickr page!