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Getting Ready: Why Salolampi

Published: February 5, 2020

When choosing a camp for your child, the options are endless. Unplug from technology and get plugged in to a new culture. Your child will:

  1. Reach their individual potential while preparing them for the global world we live in.
  2. Enjoy a traditional camp experience enhanced by an educational approach to keep them engaged.
  3. Have an immersive experience without leaving the U.S. but will be prepared to explore the world.
  4. Live the language and culture from sunrise to sundown through people to people exchange. 
  5. Make friends, have fun,  and try new things in a safe camp environment.
  6. Experience a digital detox and spend more time engaging with nature.
  7. Learn something new. Our immersive learning experience offers something for everyone, from beginning language learners to fluent speakers.