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Getting Ready: Typical Day

Published: February 18, 2020

Wondering what your child's time at Salolampi will look like? Below is what a typical day's schedule looks like. *Adventure Day Camp and Four Week Villagers' days are slightly different.


Time Activity
7:30 Hyvää huomenta! - Good morning!
Aamiainen - Breakfast
8:45 Aamupiiri - Morning flagpole circle
9:00 Kylätoiminta - Village activity
9:45 Pelit/Projektit - Games/Projects
10:45 Hedelmätauko - Fruit break
11:00 Aktiviteetit 1- Choice of activities 1
11:45 Ruokasalivuoro - Setting tables with your group
12:00 Lounas - Lunch
13:00 Mökkiaika - Cabin time
14:00 Kulttuuritunti - Cultural hour
14:45 Pelit/Projektit - Games/Projects
15:45 Iso tauko - Big break
16:30 Luontoaika - Beach & nature time
17:15 Ruokasalivuoro - Setting tables with your group
17:30 Päivällinen - Dinner
18:15 Aktiviteetit 2 - Choice of activities 2
19:15 Laulupiiri - Song time
19:30 Iltapiiri, iltaohjelma, päivän kertaus - Evening flag ceremony, evening program, recap of day
22:00 Hyvää yötä! - Good night!



Salolampi meals are made with fresh ingredients, served family style and feature typical Finnish cuisine like fish, meat, berries and vegetables. Learn more about meals and accomodation here.


Villagers are split into groups based on language level and spend the games and projects time learning from fluent Finnish speakers. Salolampi curriculum is designed to provide a fun and appropriately challenging learning experience for learners of all levels. Learn more about language learning here.


During activity times, villagers can choose between different Finnish sports, arts and handicrafts, guided nature walks, and more. Simulations celebrating Finnish holidays and learning new games are also a part of this time. Learn more about sports and activities here.


Villagers will sing Finnish songs, learn about Finnish music, and learn some traditional folk dances. There are opportunities to play Finnish instruments and showcase musical abilities. Learn more about our music here.