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Getting Ready: Our Site

Published: February 16, 2020

Curious about what to expect at Salolampi? 



There are multiple cabins (with Finnish names!) for villagers to stay in. Each cabin has sets of bunk beds and a small storage space. Keep in mind while packing that there is a small, shared closet space and nightstand for each set of bunks. (Adult and family programs only use the bottom bunks.)

A few of Salolampi's cabins







Minnesota experiences all four seasons. Depending on what time of year, you may experience a summer day  temperature of 85°F with cooler evening temperature of 55°F. Humidity, rain, and sun are normal weather from spring through fall.



Easy access to beach and lake


Cabins with sinks, showers, and toilets

Activity building with dining hall, deck, library, and classrooms

Kioski (store) and bank for villagers to utilize

Outdoor pavillion (tanssilava)

Arts and crafts area

Villagers dancing in the tanssilava 








Every year, Salolampi’s teachers, counselors, cooks, and lifeguards are hand-picked. A majority of the teachers and counselors are made up of native Finns, many of whom are college students who study languages and education. 

Amy Iida Tervola Hultberg is the dean of Salolampi and has been with Concordia Language Villages for over 20 years. Iida has previously been a villager, credit villager, counselor, business manager, credit facilitator and assistant dean at Salolampi. 



10915 Ojutkangastie NE

Bemidji, MN 56601