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Getting Ready: Is Your Child Ready?

Published: February 5, 2020

Deciding whether or not your child is ready to attend camp can be a tough decision. The first things you should consider are:

  • Can they be responsible for themselves (like showering, eating, getting dressed)?
  • Can they move independently from place to place?
  • Can they interact in a group-based, community-living environment?


If the answer to the above questions is yes, then your child may be ready! Being away from home can be daunting or freeing. Helping your child prepare can make the transition into an immersive setting easier. Below are some helpful tips and skills to prepare your child for camp.

  • Set expectations and emphasize the positive.
  • Encourage asking questions. Being in an immersion setting is different but letting them know that asking questions is okay will allow them to feel comfortable doing so.
  • Limit screen time. Technology such as cell phones, tablets, and computers are not permitted while camp is in session. 
  • Get outside. Taking walks outside can help prepare your child for being in the great outdoors of northern Minnesota. 
  • Homesickness is normal - expect and make a plan. Do not have the understanding that they can test it out for a few days and can leave early. 
  • Write to your villager! While packages are not allowed, it is very exciting for villagers to receive a postcard or a handwritten letter. Mail is delivered daily and is something to look forward to. 

For additional information and other helpful tips, check out the post on the CLV website.