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Foodie Fridays: Mämmi

Published: April 17, 2019

Happy Good Friday! To celebrate this Easter weekend, we're whipping up some Mämmi and thought we would share an easy recipe with you!


4 cups water

½ cup dark molasses (at room temperature)

½ teaspoon salt

1 cup dark rye flour

2 Tablespoons grated orange peel

¼ cup seedless raisins

Powdered Sugar 




1) Preheat oven to 275 degrees.
2) In a saucepan, heat the water, molasses, and salt until it is warm.
3) Slowly stir in the rye flour, bring to a slow boil, while beating constantly with a whisk. 
4) Add orange peel, and raisins to the mixture and boil for around 5 minutes.
5) Remove from the heat and pour into a 1 ½ quart casserole dish. (9 X 13 size or larger)
6) Try to fill the dish around 3/4 full, to allow enough room for rising.
7) Slow cook in the oven (275 degrees) for three hours. The slow cooking prevents the pudding from burning or boiling over.
8) Cool before serving with sugar and cream!

Side note: store chilled and covered to prevent it from drying out in the refrigerator.



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