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Family Week Day 4

Published: June 14, 2019

Another day at Family Week gone by! Our day was packed full of all kinds of fun stuff.

We started out by making pulla during our mummolassa (at grandma's) program. 

Look at how great they turned out! 

After class time it was our activity time. Villagers could choose to either play volleyball, make jewelry, play with play dough, play a game on the piha, or go on a nature walk.

Finally isotauko (big break) time!

Aaron showing others the etana (snail) he found.
The line for ice cream!

In the evening, our iltaohjelma was a mini simulation of Helsinki's tori (market). We served ice cream, pulla, and had a table of new Finnish goods brought over from Finland by our dean available for purchase. There even was a lokki (seagull) swooping in at our food!

At the end of our day, we had a kykyilta (talent show). We saw many amazing and unique performances! Thank you so much to those who were brave enough to go up on stage and participate!

A duet by Turo and his son.
Risto the magician!
Upside-down piano by Cecilia. 
Panu putting on a show!
What an entertained audience looks like! 
Everyone had a great time!


Our day consisted of laughter, sunshine, ice cream (of course), and more! Come back tomorrow to find out what went on during our last full day of Family Week. 


If you are interested in seeing more photos from Family Week 2019, check out our Flickr page!