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Cluedo at Salolampi!

Published: July 13, 2019

Learning Finnish and solving a Salolampi mystery!

At lunch, our Cluedo characters presented themselves to the villagers! Opettaja Oranssi (Teacher Orange) was the unfortunate victim of a haneous crime. Was it Roskaaja Roosa? Postimerkkeilijä Pinkki? Pappi Punainen? Haudankaivaja Harmaa? Professori Purppura? Täti Turkoosi? Siivooja Sininen? or Kalastaja Keltainen? 

The ranta (beach) was buzzing! Villagers are making sure they take a dip in the lake before they go home. 

A butterfly flew in to visit! 

Villagers took to learning during their pelit ja projektit (games and projects) time! 

Talking about different ammatit (occupations) and playing a game of charades. 
Getting out in nature to taste the vadelmat (raspberries) on site! 

Our Cluedo iltaohjelma (evening program) begins! Essentially, this is just an enlarged version of the clue board game. Our characters are placed throughout the village, and villagers have to make stops at each station to guess which weapon and who.

One family fishes for clues! 
Digging for answers! 
Clues were littered around camp. 
Who will confess? 
Asking all the questions...  
Headed to the last clue... 
Siivoja Sininen?!
Song time to close out the evening! 

Our villagers are some clever detectives! Visit the blog for more updates on the last week of Salolampi 2019. 

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