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Activities, Goodbyes, and Ravintolailta!

Published: July 7, 2019

It was the last day at Salolampi this summer for some of our villagers, and another day for others!

Some villagers had one last chance to take part in activities and their classes before we had to say goodbye! 

Playing an acting game outdoors! 
A competitive body-part vocab game. 
Making Kampanisu! 
Trigonometria and a little bit of laskenta (calculus) for our villagers! 

Those who were leaving were able to showcase some of their work to their families and friends. It is amazing to see how much you can learn here in just one week. We also took a moment to recognize all of the strides that these villagers made during their time at Salolampi with certificates. We had such a great time with the past week's villagers!

They memorized their vocab words so well! 

The rest of our day went on as usual. The remaining villagers participated in their daily valinnainen oppitunti, fishing with their hand-made fishing poles, swimming, and the evening program! 

Heading down to the lake to fish. 
Making vihta for our second kesämökkipäivä (summer cabin day).
The start of a beautiful pirtanauha!

Our iltaohjelma (evening program) was ravintolailta (restaurant evening)! Villagers had to call into the "restaurant" to reserve a table for x amount of people, at a certain time, and they also had to tell them what they wanted to eat. What was on the menu? Thai curry and Italian chicken risotto. Yummy!

To get the evening started, villagers got to take a flight to Thailand and Italy! Truly a full experience! 
Being greeted at the restaurant doors. 
Our happy helpers! 
There was a special table out on the deck that could only seat just a few of our villagers! 
Dressed to their best! 
Good company and good food! 

After dinner we took to the tanssilava for some dancing and fun! 

Letkajenkka-ing over to the lippupiiri! 

Goodbyes are always hard, but we hope to see these wonderful villagers again next summer!

Check out tomorrow's blog to see what we did for our second kesämökkipäivä

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